4 Things to Check When Opening a Checking Account

The process of opening a checking account is very simple. Just go to the bank, fill up an application form and submit the required documents. However, owning a check book involves more than going to the bank and submitting documents. There are other things to consider. You have to remember that a checking account, whether it is a personal or business one, is a weapon. Thus, this is the reason why you need to be very careful when you open and maintain one.

Check for bank reputation

Customer service and reputation nowadays is very important and all the more that you need to consider the bank’s reputation when opening a checking account. You need to know if the bank staff are accommodating, know the check clearing process, and find out if their checking account policies are comfortable on your part as well as easy to fulfill. For example, some banks will allow to clear checks even if you lack funds to back up the check you issued, provided that you are willing to pay for the interest as transaction fee.

Check for interest rates

A checking account is like a savings account too as you deposite money to your account in order to back up the checks you issued. As such, it is just right that you look for banks that offer high interest rates for checking accounts. In addition, you also need to find out the minimum maintaining balance in order to earn interest income from your checking account.

Check for number of branches

The bigger the number of branches or satellite offices, the better as there are companies which do not accept check payments if your issuing bank does not have a branch in areas where they operate. Companies are more concerned that checks received can easily be converted into cash and require no clearing days or travel just to convert it.

Check for the account package

Banks offer different kinds of checking accounts and its corresponding benefits. And that means you have to find out which one is suitable for your needs. For example, you do not need to own a platinum checking account if you are just starting your business and pressure yourself with regards to achieving the high maintaining balance it requires. There is always a right checking account package based on your financial status and needs.

Once you have already determined all of the above factors and you now have a checking account, it is always important to remind yourself to take good care of it. It is an extension of yourself and each check manifest your desire to respect the financial obligations attached to it each time you issue a check to pay for goods or services. One bounced transaction is enough reason for your issuing bank to cancel your checking account. It is also one situation where your business partners and associates no longer respect your checking account and instead settle for cash payments. Even a check cashing business will be hesitant to accept your check if they will find records of bounced check transactions.